Kitesurfing at Windhaan

Register trough the online booking system:

Book + Plan your lesson: Use the link above.

You will receive a confirmation or cancellation one day before your scheduled lesson, depending on the wind conditions.

What can you expect from us?

  • Brand new equipment: We use top brands such as NORTH KITEBOARDING, MYSTIC, and O’NEILL, making the step to kitesurfing much smaller and safer.
  • Passionate instructors: Our VTS and IKO certified instructors teach you at all levels.
  • Small groups: Always in small groups for permanent safety.
  • Tailored lessons: Lessons are adapted to the student’s level.

What do we expect from you?

  • Learning mindset: A willingness to learn.
  • Proper insurance: Through our membership or non-member rate.

Our advice:

  • For a quick taste of the sport: Introductory lesson.
  • For the motivated: Become a member and quickly work through the package!

The Road (Steps):

  1. Initiation:
    • Kite handling
    • Learning to rig and unrig
    • Safety procedures
    • Launch and landing procedures
  2. Body drag:
    • Learning to move in the water and on the beach with a large kite
    • Relaunch procedures
  3. Water start:
    • Learning to combine the kite and board (multitasking)
  4. Water start + riding:
    • Learning to start and keep riding

Note: Some people need multiple lessons per step.

Membership Discount:

As a member, you enjoy many benefits:

  • Lower prices for lessons and rentals
  • Insurance
  • Use of facilities
  • Discounts on other water sports and in the beach bar

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For questions about the offerings, rates, and other practical matters, email: We will answer your question as soon as possible